Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Missing-The Democrats

The democrats used to be the party of the working man. You wouldn't know it. Obama was making fun of Scott Brown campaigning in his old pick-up truck.

I couldn't help but think of another Brown, Jerry Brown of California. Politically he was (and is) a big mistake. But his signature was an old sedan rather than a limo with a chauffeur. I guess that role has been reversed.

Take a look at the Scott Brown rally held on Sunday. He hosted athletes rather than politicians. Here are a bunch of people in t-shirts (tails out) cheering on their candidate.


The introductions aren't scripted. There's a band playing in the background.

If you didn't know, you'd think Brown was the democrat and Coakley the republican.

No wonder Obama is calling for a more populist feel among democrats.

Gee, when throwing epithets around, like "tea bagger," "birther," "homophobe" and "racist" don't seem to be working...maybe it's time to rework the message. Eh, Mr. President?