Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Obama confronts the conflict

We all wondered if Obama has what it takes to run a country. After all, what experience did he have?

Wonder no more. Obama is hard at it; managing the conflict. The scheduling conflict.

You see, there is the first episode of Lost. And American Idol. And the Super Bowl.

A rock star can’t just plop the State of the Union Address just anywhere, you know. People would be upset.

(Whatever happened to the adoring millions who walked miles on their knees to sit at his feet in Grant Park? Well, that was November. These are first episodes.)

It wouldn’t do for THIS president to have low Nielsen ratings, now would it?

Then there is the timing. Would it be good or bad to speak before the special election in Teddy’s back yard? Would Obama’s speech improve or worsen Democrat chances in the primary?

Oooh, what about this? Let’s pass Obamacare first, then step up and declare myself the next FDR. Yes, let’s do that.

Watch out, Mr. President. What will you do if one of your Democrats stands up and shouts, “You lied!” because you left out the public option?

Now that would get you some ratings.