Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Strange bedfellows

The passing of Senator Ted Kennedy calls to mind his strange alliance with George W Bush in the spring of 2007.

You'll recall the "Gang of 12" and Harry Reid's "Clay Pigeons" and the May Day parades where the protesters (most of them anyway) left their Mexican flags at home and just carried the posters printed by the SEIU.

Ah, those were great days.

And Kennedy promised to deliver the Democrats while Bush whipped the GOP into line.

There is a story told here of an interesting twist of events. Bush had sent a new version of the immigration reform bill over to Ted Kennedy. Ted called the White House to tell the President he'd made a mistake; he left out the back taxes requirement for amnesty.

And Bush explained that it was no mistake. Bush had deliberately taken out the back taxes. He didn't just limit it to the most recent one or two years; he took it out completely!

Bush had out-liberaled Ted Kennedy on Ted's favorite topic!

Read it here:

A prime example of what Senator Alan Simpson meant when he said that the immigration issue brought about "the goofiest ideological bedfellow activity I've ever seen."

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