Friday, August 7, 2009

My kind of flag

Remember the trouble Candidate Obama had with the flag? His non-salute followed by the nonsense about the lapel pin?

Well, finally there is a flag he can believe in...flagging any hint of dissent or criticism of his health care plan.

Citizens are encouraged to scour the Internet for e-mails, blogs, or websites that speak negatively about Obamacare and turn them in to the White House for handling...all in the name of obliterating misinformation.

So, flag away Komrades! Welcome to the watchful eye of Obama.

On a related matter, the media has decided that those who question Obama's credentials for office ("birthers", they call them) are for sure the same people who question healthcare reform. This lumping and clumping has gone to an extreme.

I guess the focus groups suggest that "birthers" are considered extreme right and not accepted by the general public. Lumping them with the legitimate concerns about healthcare serve them well.

So, gay rights people must be the same as pro-abortion people, right? Or if you favor strict gun control laws you must also favor legalizing street drugs. Is that correct?

It is all nonsense. People have individual feelings and values and they cannot be subdivided by the media. I hope the public is smarter than that.

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