Monday, August 31, 2009

Political Tactics

It’s like watching a ping-pong game with your nose six inches from the net. It makes your neck ache.

First, people were concerned about the source of Obama’s campaign money. It’s really hard to trace $10 at a time. And he had the nerve to renege on his promise to use only the public campaign money. (Does that make Obama a reneger?)

And everyone knows that the GOP funds their campaigns with big business cash from insurance companies and doctors. Six months ago it was automakers. Twelve months ago it was mortgage companies. It’s funny how that works.

Then came the tea party protests brought to you by highly organized astroturfers. (Or so the story goes.)

Of course, Saul Alinsky’s rules came up again, suggesting that Obama keeps Saul’s writings in the center desk drawer in the Oval Office. (Not true. All that good stuff is in the drawer on the left.)

Obama resorts to flagging people who disagree with him on healthcare, all in the interest of clearing up misinformation. He even goes to the extreme of sending unsolicited emails to explain the 1,100 pages of the bill in a few short paragraphs. (Is David Axelrod really that good?)

Now we learn that the town hall meetings are being scripted by the left to protect the congressman, ridicule those who are critical of the president, and steer the discussion in order to spin the meetings.

I think you’ll like this youtube about the creation and use of icons.
We all need to know that things are never as they seem.

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