Monday, August 24, 2009

Obama continues

President Obama continues his program of theological affirmative action with a five-minute video speech to Muslims at the beginning of Ramadan.

So, why the special treatment of Muslims? A generous estimate of the Muslim population in the United States is around 6 million.

Why, that’s about the same as the Mormon population in the United States. Where was his five-minute video tribute to them on Pioneer Day, July 24th?

Did Obama bow to the leader of the Mormon Church during his recent visit to the White House? Of course not!

Obama extols the virtues of Muslims for their charitable efforts around the world. The Mormons do the same, arriving at disaster scenes with water, tarps, and food. Mormons around the world are assembling hygiene kits, collecting wheelchairs, and sending doctors to small villages to treat the sick.

Mormons send clothes, build schools, dig wells, and teach agriculture in remote areas of the world.

So, Mr. President, why are you playing favorites with Muslims? Because of your step-father? Because of the political clout? Because of oil? Because some of them are terrorists?

What say you honor your own, red-blooded, American institutions now and then.

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