Wednesday, August 26, 2009

From Commies to CEOs

Senator Joseph McCarthy

Congressman Henry Waxman
The term “McCarthyism” refers to overzealous investigation of your enemy, even discarding the Bill of Rights to do so. It speaks of ruining someone’s reputation by innuendo and the power of suggestion.

Instead of doing away with this shameful political practice we’ve elevated it to an art form. You already know how I feel about congressional hearings; they are nothing more than sideshows designed to grab headlines for your cause.

Along comes Henry Waxman, congressman from California, to drive another nail in the coffin of Capitalism. We are to believe that profits, high salaries, and bonuses are evil. The mantra is that wealth must be ill-gotten and is always worthy of derision.

(One wonders if these geniuses in Washington stop to think who employs people? Who pays the highest taxes? Who subsidizes all the charities?)

Here is a letter sent by Waxman to insurance company executives as part of his fact-finding project:

We’ve seen similar efforts to discredit the wealthy in these industries:

The words “Profit”, “Bonus” and “Capitalism” have become dirty words since….oh….2006 when the Democrats took control of Congress.

And they are easy targets, especially when people are out of work.

Oh, and did you hear the Obama administration has named a union boss as Chairman of the New York Federal Reserve? Read it and weep:

This one is a stretch. There must be a shortage of bankers since this guy has no banking experience. And the New York Fed can hardly be considered a backwater post.

Another swig of the Islamic Kool-Aid and it’ll be against the law to charge interest on loans.

And the Obama generation has no strong negative reaction to the term “Socialism” as Rasmussen found out in April.
From Joe-the-Plumber to the car-czar, none of this should surprise us. The American Dream seems to have more to do with entitlements than opportunity, at least from the view at the White House.

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