Thursday, August 20, 2009

Harry Reid is at it again

Word comes from the office of Senator Harry Reid, D-Nevada, that his patience is running thin over health care reform. So, he's threatening a parliamentary maneuver to get the bill passed.

If he can't get the 60 votes to pass it, he'll dig up some rules so he only needs 51. It's called conciliation

Harry, Harry, know those shenanigans never work. Remember two years ago when you were trying to pass immigration reform? Did the clay pigeon thing work? No.

How about the Rule 14 trick? Did it work? No.

One of these days you're going to pass a bill using one of your tricks and American will REALLY be mad at you. Just let the process work and build support for your agenda. If it doesn't happen, listen to the hidden message...America doesn't want what you're selling! And we don't think you know best. Just look at your track record and your approval ratings.

A lack of public support is like pain in your body; it's trying to tell you something.

Why are politicians so dense? And why does Reid insist on trying to shove things down our throats?

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