Monday, October 27, 2008

A Phoenix Timeline

March 28 – Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon calls the immigration enforcement efforts of the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office “made-for-TV stunts.”

April 4 – Mayor Gordon sends a letter to U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey, Gordon asked the Justice Department's civil-rights division and the FBI to probe what Gordon calls a "pattern and practice of conduct that includes discriminatory harassment, improper stops, searches and arrests."

"Over the past few weeks, Sheriff Arpaio's actions have infringed on the civil rights of our residents," Gordon wrote in his letter.

April 11 – Eight Phoenix area church leaders call on the County Sheriff to stop immigration enforcement. "We call on the sheriff to cease this excessive, wasteful and divisive campaign," reads the letter, signed by a coalition of Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Church of Christ, and Jewish leaders.

August 21 – Mayor Gordon goes to Washington DC and calls on Congress to push for amnesty, saying, “We can't allow this unconscionable neglect to continue on, to allow racism and hate to continue to grow.”

October 25 – Phoenix Police Officer Shane Figueroa was killed by an illegal alien driving drunk while responding to a "shots fired" call. The illegal, Salvador Vivas-Diaz was wanted on FOUR OUTSTANDING WARRANTS, which means he was in custody before and known to police. And what does Mayor Gordon have to say now?

What will the mayor tell his widow? Will he plant a politician’s kiss on the forehead of their 3-month-old child?

Probably not. But the police union in Phoenix is speaking out. Maybe someone is finally listening.

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