Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bill Ayers

The way I see it there is only one fair question to ask Obama regarding Bill Ayers.
"As President, would you be able to direct the FBI and/or Attorney General to investigate someone like Bill Ayers, knowing that such an investigation could lead to the death penalty for someone who kills a law enforcement agent?"

Of course, if his true feelings were that anarchy is acceptable for certain causes, Obama would never tell us that. He's too smart to be trapped.

So, we are stuck on that one.

Except...that we know McCain and Palin would both have straight-up answers to that question. No questionable past relationships.

The whole character question about Obama is that he could just as easily be working the streets for the other side of law and order. In fact, he (and all sorts of other politicians) have marched with illegal aliens in defiance of the rule of law.

Obama's upbringing, his education, his career as a community organizer all lend themselves nicely to civil disobedience. Does anyone doubt that he would have been a Vietnam War protester?

McCain was "over there" taking a beating (literally) while Ayers was spitting on the cops and making pipe bombs. And Obama's thinking runs more along the lines of Bill Ayers than...say...General Petraeus. Do we need more apologists for "those with differing views" or more people willing to defend America?

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