Monday, October 6, 2008

Pat Quinn for President

Illinois Lieutenant Governor Pat Qiunn is my guy for President.

Seems odd that someone conservative like me would endorse a Democrat who isn't even on the ticket.

But he is the one politician who has been a pleasant surprise this year. TWICE!

His first act of integrity was to alert the public about the automatic pay raise the Illinois House and Senate were planning for themselves, a pay raise Quinn would have also received. He went around the TV, radio, and print media warning people about the raise. And he set up a website where we could forward an on-line message of protest to Springfield.

His fellow Democrats weren't too happy about it, but it got the job done. The Senate voted NOT to give themselves a raise.

The second act was to blow the whistle on the ballot question about a new constitutional convention. Once again Quinn was very vocal about the wording of the question and lent his name to the effort to clarify the question before November 4th.

Such integrity is rare among politicians these days.

He beats Obama and McCain.

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  1. I've vote for him! Hell, can he run for governor of IL first and help clean up this mess we have in springfield, I mean Chicago (stupid governor gonad and his day trips to Springfield on my dime...).