Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The founding of our nation

What if we were just getting started as a nation now? Imagine our Bill of Rights in the present environment.

I’ve been reading about the history of the European Union and came across a summary of the fundamental rights as spelled out in the Treaty of Amsterdam (1997) and confirmed in Nice in 2000.

It includes:
The right to strike.
The right of workers to be informed and consulted.
The right to reconcile family life and professional life.
The right to health care.
The right to social security.
The right to social assistance.
Equality between men and women.
Data protection.
A ban on cloning.
The integrity of the person.
The right to environmental protection.
And my personal favorite…
…The right to good administration.

Now, I know all sorts of people who would fancy such “rights.” I suggest that they move to the EU and see how things work out for them.

Or stick around a few years. If BO wins we might just give all these ideas a whirl.

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