Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beyond Communism

Chicago is abuzz these days with the declaration of Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart (Democrat, not on the ballot this year) that he would not carry out eviction notices on renters of foreclosed properties.

What a hero! What a great guy! A modern-day Robin Hood! His announcement was met with such enthusiastic support that Obama jumped up and declared a 90 day moratorium on foreclosures.

Hey Barack! Do you think anyone remembers Hillary proposing the same thing back in January? I guess not.

But what does a moratorium on foreclosures really mean? It means an unlawful seizure of property, an infringement on private property rights.

You see, someone owns all those parcels of property. After going through the established processes the law requires, the inhabitant of that property no longer has a right to be there. In most cases the bank owns the property.

So, this moratorium on foreclosures flies in the face of all the existing laws that were followed and adjudicated properly. In essence it overrides the laws of the land. (Interestingly, such practices have become customary when it comes to immigration law. Oh, how the rule of law gets disrespected around here these days when votes are at stake!)

Some folks are saying that such practices are just like communism. Well, not exactly. Under communism private property was seized if it had commercial value for production of the goods of the state. Personal property on the other hand was not controlled by the state.

This free-for-all goes beyond communism.

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