Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Politically Incorrect Piano

Each year young people from around the world meet to compete in the Bachauer Piano Competition aka the Gina Bachauer Young Artists and Junior Competitions. Here’s the list of entrants:
2008 Junior Competitors (Ages 11-13)
Cai, Stephanie (USA)
Chan, Karin (Canada)
Chang, Chia-Rui (Taiwan)
Chen, Cheng (China)
Dan, Aika (Japan)
Gao, YuTong (China)
Han, Anna (USA)
Huang, Hilda (USA)
Inoue, Hinako (Japan)
Izumi, Aoi (Japan)
Kawasaki, Maya (Japan)
Lee, Kyung A (Korea)
Li, George (USA)
Lin, Tami (Canada)
Lisiecki, Jan (Canada)
Mizumoto, Weston (USA)
Ozaki, Yui (Japan)
Park, Hyo-eun (South Korea)
Poon, Poony (USA)
Sham, Ching Toa Aristo (Hong Kong)
Song, Daniel (USA)
Sun, Qilin (China)
Sun, Yi Fan (China)
Tsuchida, Rieko (USA)
Vojtek, Jan (Czech Republic)
Wang, YiJia (China)
Weiyi, Le (USA)
Wianto, Nayaka Clarence (Indonesia)
Xu, Qi (China)
Xu, Zhi Ge (Angela) (China)
Yandi, Chen (China)
Zhang, Jiyuan (China)
Zhang, Sarina (USA)

2008 Young Artists Competitors (Ages 14-18)
Arai, Asami (Japan)
Cai, Yizheng (David) (China)
Chen, (Jenny) Yen-Yu (USA)
Cho, Joong-Hun (Korea)
Choi, Song (USA)
Chun, Yong Hoon (Korea)
Dmytrenko, Anna (USA)
Floril, Jonathan (Spain)
Gimre, Karsten (USA)
Hou, Kimberly (USA)
Huang, Nansong (China)
Kim, Minkyung (USA)
Kiyone, Marie (Japan)
Ko, David Yoshiaki (USA)
Kociuban, Julia (Poland)
Lazar, Ingmar Anthony (Germany)
Lee, Tony Dongyi (Russia)
Lie, Ning Yuen (China)
Moon, Page Young (USA)
Moshchuk, Ivan (USA)
Rana, Beatrice (Italy)
Tam, Kenric (USA)
Treutler, Annika Maria (Germany)
Tsang, Hin Yat Mozar (Hong Kong)
Vujadinovic, Sara (Serbia)
Woo, Naomi (Canada)
Yang, Song (USA)
Yao, Chengcheng (China)
Ye, Sijing (USA)
Zhang, Hao Tian (Tim) (Canada)

Did you notice anything about the names?

Now, the Wall Street Journal had an article the other day about the racial barrier in baseball. According to the report 29% of Major League Baseball Players are Latinos compared to only 5% of college players.

Something must be done, the politically correct NCAA tells us. These kids need access to the camps and travel teams so they can compete. They don’t seem to beef too much about the Black athletes dominating college basketball (59%) and football (47%).

Rick Majerus characterized the NCAA executives as the kind of guys who have to step out of the shower to take a leak. I like the imagery!

For those who simply must know more about the ethnicity of college baseball players, I suggest you study the ethnicity of high school drop out rates.

Meanwhile, I’m looking for that politically correct article about the unfairness of Asian musician dominance and what in the world are we going to do about it.

YoYo Mama, Bro!

By the way, 1st prize in the Junior Division was Ching Toa Aristo Sham (Hong Kong) and China-born Sijing Ye of the USA won the 14-18 year old division.


  1. OK for the Asians to win if they are good...but the problem is, the european and american professors want to invade the Asian Universities, to be members in jury in the major Asian cities, and dominate the most important continent today!

    It's the same in industry!


  2. The Asian Universities deserve what they get. I'm hoping all this effort to have colorful faculties will backfire around the world.
    What is needed is real teaching talent and the name of the game should be to hire it close to home if you can.
    Few agree with me on that point.