Thursday, June 19, 2008

Comparing speeding to unlawful presence

Maybe I’ve been too hasty in dismissing those who try to compare being an illegal alien with minor infractions like speeding.

There are some similarities. Like the fact that EVERYBODY does it. Out on the tollway nobody does 55. At night even 70 seems slow.

And it doesn’t seem like anyone cares about it. Surely the cops know it is happening but you rarely see anyone get pulled over.

If they really wanted you to go 55, they’d place a cop every mile or so.

Now, let’s try the alien excuses and see how they fly if you get caught.

Listen officer, I’ve been driving 70 on this road every day for five years and no one ever stopped me before. You can’t start enforcing the law now. That’s not right.

Or…officer you have to let me go. I have a child at home who needs me. They will be irreparably harmed if you delay my arrival.

Or…if it weren’t for people like me using the tollway, you wouldn’t have a job. I keep the economy moving by driving. And my speeding keeps all those gas stations open and oil rigs working. By driving along at 70 mph, I keep the economy moving.

Or…it’s a stupid law anyway. There is no reason to drive 55. We should have an open speed limit. I’m not a bad driver. I don’t cause accidents. I should be allowed to drive 80 because I’m a decent person and I obey all the rest of the laws.

Somehow I think I’m getting that ticket anyway with those excuses.

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