Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hoosier wisdom

I got a call this morning (Saturday) from my old friend LB in Southern Indiana. It was a little early but I forgive him since they aren’t ever really sure what time it is in Indiana. They’ve got their own ideas about time zones. I flew into Evansville once and the flight attendant simply said, “The local time is 10 minutes past the hour. Don’t ask me which hour.”

Anyway, LB had been to the bank and had to tell me what happened in the teller window next to his. Two Hispanic men came up to the window. One served as translator as the other proceeded to try to cash TWO economic stimulus checks.

She was trying to figure out who the second check was for. The translator assured her it wasn’t his. BOTH checks were for his friend. And he produced TWO Social Security cards to prove it.

The teller asked him why he had two Social Security numbers and he explained that he had TWO jobs. Logical enough, right?

Well, here in Elgin he probably would have received his money and an invitation to open an account, oh and by the way, Illinois has a home loan program where illegal aliens are eligible to participate.

But this was Indiana. The teller ordered them out of the bank. Three cheers for the Hoosiers.

But there is more to this story. Two other fellows brought in their checks as well. They wired their money to Mexico. Gracias, Boosh.

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  1. Oh my gosh!!! I can't tell which act of stupidity I am more horrified by - the man w 2 checks or the state of illinois gov! ridiculous!