Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Way back when Tony Snow was fronting for the President as White House Press Secretary, he told reporters that being in the country illegally was like getting a speeding ticket. It was no big deal.

And even today we have people who will tell you that violating immigration laws is a civil matter. Calling it a crime is too harsh, they say.

I found a website that does a good job explaining the felonious nature of working in the United States illegally. The link is:

When you think about it the estimated 6.8 MILLION illegal aliens working in the United States (5% of the total workforce) have to commit a FELONY just to work. They have a choice of one or more of these felonies:

Use a fake Social Security Number (as in not yet issued): Crimes? Forgery, fraud and perjury.

Use the Social Security Number of another person: Crimes? Identity theft, perjury and fraud.

Work for cash (under the table): Crime? Tax evasion.

And with a Social Security number you can get all sorts of government benefits. You might even get a Drivers License.

This group goes on to explain how there are cases where a child is born with a stolen identity. Some crook makes up a Social Security number and later on the government issues that number to a newborn baby. Right out of the gate the baby’s credit history is trashed. How’s that for a victim?

I like what this group is trying to do. People need to realize the impact of these decent, hard working people with family values who just came here for a better life. If you got all your information from Bush, the Democrats, and the media you might miss out on this important aspect of the illegal alien crisis.

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