Friday, June 13, 2008

Culture quiz

Analyze this statement: “Barack is a closet mussulman.”
It means:
a) Barack likes a certain brand of applesauce
b) Barack secretly can bench-press twice his own weight
c) Barack supports Islamic doctrines but doesn’t want you to know it
d) Barack likes to eat clams but his doctor doesn’t approve
e) None of the above

Disclaimer: I am using the name Barack as a first name. Any similarity to persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

Now, here is a real life question, far more important than the culture quiz above.

Obama’s position on the Supreme Court decision regarding the rights of detainees has the potential of being his Achilles’ heel.

First of all, his weakness is foreign policy.

Secondly, it solidifies the fears of those who are concerned about his Muslim ties.

Third, it plays to the fears of many Americans that the Supreme Court is leaning too far to the left. McCain is a better choice for those who want to move the court in a more conservative direction. (The reality is that GOP presidents have picked some real stinkers, but it won’t stop us for shuddering to think about who Obama might pick.)

Last, it opens a door for Bush to open the wound any time he chooses. Imagine the impact of ANY terrorist activity between now and the election.

Obama would be defenseless against any criticism having gone on record as saying, “Today's Supreme Court decision ensures that we can protect our nation and bring terrorists to justice, while also protecting our core values. The Court's decision is a rejection of the Bush Administration's attempt to create a legal black hole at Guantanamo - yet another failed policy supported by John McCain. This is an important step toward reestablishing our credibility as a nation committed to the rule of law, and rejecting a false choice between fighting terrorism and respecting habeas corpus. Our courts have employed habeas corpus with rigor and fairness for more than two centuries, and we must continue to do so as we defend the freedom that violent extremists seek to destroy. We cannot afford to lose any more valuable time in the fight against terrorism to a dangerously flawed legal approach. I voted against the Military Commissions Act because its sloppiness would inevitably lead to the Court, once again, rejecting the Administration's extreme legal position. The fact is, this Administration's position is not tough on terrorism, and it undermines the very values that we are fighting to defend. Bringing these detainees to justice is too important for us to rely on a flawed system that has failed to convict anyone of a terrorist act since the 9-11 attacks, and compromised our core values.” (from the Obama website - Statement to the press 6/12/08)

Like it or not, Americans believe that Bush was fighting terrorism by keeping our options open at Guantanamo. He didn’t want the ACLU determining how we deal with foreign suspects.

There doesn’t even need to be a terrorist attack. All Bush needs to do is expose another plot somewhere. There were the seven in Florida, the Rockford Illinois mall bomb plot, and the Fort Dix Six. An arrest somewhere else in the world would be even better, muddying the waters with the rights of terrorists on foreign soil.

McCain gets a pass on this one due to his POW background. What a great way to show voters there is a difference between the two candidates.

Obama has just handed Bush the recipe for an October surprise. Watch for it.

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