Friday, May 30, 2008

Your rights

You DO NOT have the right to remain silent. At least not in school. Illinois passed a law allowing a moment of silence to begin each day…a moment for prayer, reflection, planning your Festivus party, or picking the lint out of your navel.

But atheist Bob Sherman and his daughter made them stop that at one suburban school.

Now Federal Judge Robert Gettleman has expanded the ban to include all Illinois schools.

Gettleman is the same judge who coached the plaintiffs in a discrimination lawsuit against District U46. He told them they didn’t have a case, but if they did a few things they would have a case.

Now $3 MILLION later, the school district is still fighting the court battle.

Not to worry. As any school teacher will tell you, silence in the classroom is almost impossible to maintain anyway.

Yes, Gettleman was appointed by Bill Clinton in 1994.

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