Monday, May 5, 2008

Mallory and Liz - Heroes

This little act of heroism may have escaped you. It shouldn’t. Every blog in the country ought to make sure the word gets out.

Mallory Holtman and Liz Wallace play softball for Central Washington University. And their good deed was to pick up Sara Tucholsky and carry her off the field during a playoff game.

It happens all the time, you say? Did you know that Sara was injured? Yeah. She blew out her knee at First Base. Still no big deal.

Did I mention that Sara plays for a DIFFERENT team? She was on the Western Oregon team, CWU’s opponent in the playoff game. Still not impressed? That was a nice thing to do, helping an injured player on another team.

Oh, and Mallory and Liz carried Sara around the bases and lowered her so she could touch her left foot on each bag and score a home run. That puts these two women in the hero category for me.

You see, Sara is a Senior. She’d never hit one over the fence before. This was a playoff game. And when she ran to first base, she missed the bag and reversed directions. That’s when she tore up her knee. There she was at first base, unable to walk.

Her teammates could not carry her. That would be against the rules. The second option was a designated runner, but the homer would then be reduced to a base hit.

But there’s no rule against players from the OTHER TEAM carrying her around the bases for a home run.

And they did just that.

By the way, Mallory and Liz and Central Washington lost the game and were eliminated from the playoffs. But in my mind they deserve the biggest trophy.

(photo by Blake Wolf)

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  1. One of the best stories in a long, long time. The true meaning of sport, and a ture testament to the human sprit.

    All sports fans, athletes, and parents of athletes should take a moment to read this story and watch the videos of what happened on that field.

    - Little Wing