Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Diversity defined

According to my dictionary, diversity is “1. a being diverse, difference 2. variety”

So McHenry County College has just elected its new student leaders. They ran as a slate using the campaign slogan, “Diversifying Campus.”

And they are all proud Hispanics and members of the Latinos Unidos group on campus. This was the same group who protested the use of a campus meeting room by the Minutemen.

And Carlos Acosta of the McHenry County Latino Coalition was proud of his peeps. He said it was going to make for a much more diverse campus.

MCC has 5,153 students. 370 are Hispanic.

This same brand of “diversity” can be found (and taught) in our public schools. Diversity is what our politicians sought to gain with immigration reform way back in 1965.

And when it suits them, Latino activists throw the term around…knowing full well that they make up 15% of the US population. They outnumber Asians and Blacks. They are growing like crazy. But they still call it “diversity.”

Ward Connerly (who is Black by the way) said this: If ever there was a term that makes me nauseous, "diversity" is such a term. But, believe me, this term is more than nauseating; it is dangerous. "Diversity" is the antithesis of merit.

“The pursuit of "diversity" by the government is legally sanctioned discrimination to achieve a fuzzily defined quota that is known only to [educational] admissions officers and other bureaucrats who want to play God with our lives.

"Diversity" makes a mockery of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and it's command that the government treat all of us equally "without regard" to the factors of race, gender and ethnicity. "Diversity" is an excuse to discriminate. (end of quote from The Egalitarian, August/ September 2005)

Now, these students won the election. From all indications they are good students and good citizens.

But we should all be concerned about what passes for diversity. It is distorting our societal objectives while at the same time making us feel multi-cultural.

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