Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A difference of opinion

My attention was drawn to a headline this morning.
“Study Says Foreigners in US Adapt Quickly”Washington Post
But then I saw these headlines:
UPI“Latin immigrants to US don’t assimilate”
Orlando Sentinal“Immigrants less assimilated than a century ago”
Deseret News“Slowdown found in assimilation of immigrants”
Miami Herald“Newcomers assimilating quickly”
MSNBC“Immigrants assimilate quicker today, study shows”
Seattle Times“Immigrants assimilating faster”
Newsday“Study: Salvadorans slow to assimilate”
New York Sun“Report: Immigrants Assimilating More Rapidly in New York”

And these people are the same ones informing us about the presidential candidates! It pays to read these articles carefully and even then you are subject to the political bent of the newspaper involved.

For those of you who would like to drink from the source, here’s the actual report (56 pages in pdf format).


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