Monday, May 5, 2008

Mexico's looking good

Hey, all you illegal aliens from Mexico! It’s time to go home.

The Mexican economy grew by 3% in the first quarter of this year. The U S economy grew by only 0.6%. You’re better off back home.

And our loyal ally to the south is shifting business emphasis away from the United States so our problems don’t become their problems.

For example, the Volkswagen plant sent more cars to Europe last year than to the United States.

In fact, exports from Mexico to the United States have been declining for the past ten years. (So why is Bush always saying how great NAFTA is?)

Now, the news story I read didn’t mention it, but there are some other factors at play here. Mexico is NOT a high-tech environment. They don’t have the engineers or the precision necessary for such things.

But they are OK when it comes to low-tech equipment like refrigerators and heavy machinery. Those industries are selling well in Brazil and Europe.

And let’s not forget oil. With prices up, Mexico’s revenue also goes up. Oil is their number one export.

Now, just imagine if we could ship six million needy Americans down to Mexico and they would take care of them. Wouldn’t that be great?

Imagine what would happen if we took 600,000 young people a year, none of them with more than a high school diploma, and sent them to Mexico to live. That would take quite a burden off our society, wouldn’t it?

Just think about the savings in housing, college education, health care, unemployment, police, prisons, schools…

Our high class people could stay here; we’d only send away those will low skills and low earning potential.

It’s a nice thought, but I think we need to begin with the people who were born in Mexico and came here without papers. Let’s send them home first. Now they have a thriving economy and we don’t, this would be a good time.

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