Monday, May 19, 2008

Daley vs. Daley

Mayor Ritchie Daley is fighting an internal struggle these days. On May Day he was preaching to the illegal alien amnesty crowd with phrases like, “Immigrants built this city.”

He’s always welcomed the illegal alien into Chicago. It is a sanctuary city.

But now he’s trying to find entry-level jobs for teens and the unemployed. Gang shootings are a regular occurrence in Chicago, and summer hasn’t even warmed up.

Every year Daley is in front of the camera touting his summer jobs program to get kids off the streets. But things just get worse and worse.

From the Chicago Tribune:
“Come summer, when students traditionally step into seasonal jobs, the youth employment rate is expected to hit 34.2 percent in what could be an unprecedented summertime low, the report said. About 33.5 percent of teens ages 16 through 19 had a job during the first three months of the year, the most dismal rate recorded since 1948.

“In Chicago, three-quarters of all youth did not work during the summer in 2006, the most recent data available. Joblessness among African-American teens between ages 16 and 19 was worse, hitting 85 percent, the report said.” (end of quote)

The Center for Immigration Studies issued a census data analysis late last year and pinned down the numbers for the State of Illinois. There are 288,000 illegal aliens working in Illinois. There are 804,000 people age 18-64 who are unemployed. There are 403,000 people age 15-17 who are also unemployed.

Here’s the report. Look for table 21:

So, Mayor Daley, it seems that you have given away 288,000 jobs to your illegal alien friends. Wouldn’t it be great to teach a little work ethic to the citizens who need jobs rather than help out Mexico? D’ya think?

And, it’s a funny coincidence that illegal aliens are most likely to take the low-skilled, entry level, jobs. Those jobs would be just right for teens and folks on welfare, now wouldn’t they?

Mayor Daley, your policies are competing with each other. Either way, you lose.

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