Thursday, April 3, 2008

Perks for perps

There were some interesting pity pieces in the news today. There’s always someone out there willing to help the less fortunate. It gets harder all the time for me to have much sympathy for some folks but the media never tires. They are willing to get out the hanky and violin for just about anyone in the downtrodden category.

The first item is from Mexico. The Mexican government has stepped up to the plate to help the illegal aliens who have been deported to the border towns of Mexico. They are now providing free rides to the interior of Mexico.

My guess is that the tourist trade in Baja suffers when all the deported souls are hanging around Tijuana. I’m not sure how that works since many of the deported folks simply cross into the United States again. They don’t want to go further south. And if they go back home it is a drain on Mexico. Down in Guanajuato they need food, a job, health care…Illegals in the United States receive all of that at no cost to the Mexican Government. And Calderon can depend on them to send money back home. No wonder Mexico insists on them living here!

The AP article I read said that 230,000 Mexicans are deported annually at the San Ysidro station alone. This must be the “catch ‘em and turn ‘em around” crowd, since the fugitive absconder numbers were less than 35,000 nationwide last year.

Then there was a real sad story in the Deseret News about illegal aliens dying alone here in the United States. They told about one of the victims of a van rollover in Southern Utah a year ago. They think he is from Guatemala but no one knows for sure.

Perhaps they should pass a coyote law making it a felony to transport illegals without a complete and accurate passenger manifest.

The story would have been ruined if they had added details like how the accident happened. It was explained in court that Rigoberto Salas-Lopez was driving the van and fondling a female passenger at the same time. Here’s the best the Associated Press could do: “They crossed the Arizona-Utah state line at 3:30 a.m. At some point, the driver drifted out of his lane, overcorrected and lost control of the vehicle, sending it spinning onto its side.”

But to tell all the details about how the arrangements were made, how much was paid to be voluntarily smuggled in, and perhaps what he was running from in his home country would spoil the entire victim angle.

And to tally up the entire cost to the taxpayers of this “accident” would also ruin it. One can only imagine. There were eight fatalities and six survivors. There were the ambulances, the medical bills, clean-up of the accident scene, transportation of the bodies, identification efforts, DNA testing, deportation costs of the survivors, next-of-kin notification, autopsies, storage (nearly a year for the John Doe victim in the story), and burial…not to mention the incarceration and trial of Rigoberto.

You will be pleased to know that people are working on the problem. Baylor University has identified 70 illegal alien corpses since 2003 through a DNA database. (I can smell grant money here.) And Doe Network is a volunteer network set up to help match corpses to missing persons.

Where are the investigative reporters who want to make a name for themselves by exposing this unfunded mandate caused by illegal aliens? Well, they don’t teach that in journalism schools. The undocumented are treated with the greatest of respect in the MSM. And the rule of thumb is that illegals contribute more than they cost society. What a crock!

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