Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Comprehensive Immigration reform...

…Mexican Style
There are changes afoot in Mexico’s immigration laws. As it stands now, an illegal alien discovered in Mexico is subject to a minimum of one and a half years in jail with a possibility of up to six years.

The new law fines illegals from $540 to $2,400 (that’s US dollars, folks…not pesos) and removes the draconian prison sentence.

It has passed both houses and now goes to the president for signature.

However, there is another type of punishment not addressed by this new legislation. You see, getting arrested in Mexico is a different experience. According to the AP story, “Immigrants here, mostly Central Americans trying to reach the U.S., are often robbed, mistreated and subject to extortion by bandits and even police.”

I’m not sure what you can do about that problem.

But activists are pleased that Mexico is softening their stand on illegals. It is really hard for them to run around the United States demanding fair treatment of illegals here when their own laws are so harsh.

Gee, I wonder how that $2,000 fine arrangement is going to work out? I would think the Guatemalan illegals would have trouble raising that kind of cash. I suppose if you don’t pay they put you in prison for five years.

But if it works, we ought to try it. Forget the revenue from red light cameras. With a municipal bounty on their heads, local police would have an incentive to pick them up.

Funny, they didn't mention anything about citizenship for babies, free emergency room care, college tuition for their young adults, family unification, public defenders, k-12 education...

Nope. Just going from jail time to a fine. The Mexican government has a ways to go if they are going to match our perks.

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