Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Monkey business

“This is not a tree for them to be climbing in like monkeys.”

We will never know exactly what happened because there is no cell phone or surveillance video of the event, but the allegation is that Carpentersville trustee Linda Ramirez-Sliwinski called some African-American children “monkeys” because they were climbing in their own tree, giving the town a bad name in the process. (It takes a village to raise a child and sometimes the villagers disagree.)

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have not ruled on the remark yet so we aren’t sure if it was a racial slur. So far the PC lexicon has only clarified the “n” word, the noose icon, and phrases involving the word “lynch”.

But the mothers of these boys think Linda’s comment was racist. Linda, an Obama delegate, says, “I would have said the same thing if they were Mexican kids.” (Now wait a minute, is she excluding WHITE KIDS from her monkey label?)

I would really like to hang Ramirez-Sliwinski out to dry. She deserves to be run out of town on a rail. She was the one who had to poke her nose into Elgin’s business in November of 2005 when she tried to break up a Minuteman Meeting at the Elgin VFW.

(By the way, for a great position paper on illegal aliens, see the American Legion publication on line. Here’s the link: http://www.legion.org/documents/legion/pdf/illegalimmigration.pdf )

She’s also been Bill Sarto’s partner in defending the presence of illegal aliens in her own town. I think Linda is nothing more than a Latina rabble-rouser who has been spewing racism to forward her own agenda.

BUT…this “monkey” case is NOT the real problem. It is just hyper-sensitive fluff. Where were the headlines when she called fellow trustees racists? Then she meant it. Yet our society takes her to task for calling children monkeys. Something is terribly wrong here.

There is some sweet irony here, however. She’s worried that boys climbing trees on a residential street are creating an image problem. She ought to take a look at her own actions over the past two years! Now THAT is an image problem!

NEWS FLASH! Linda has just resigned as an Obama delegate. No joke. (I could get really raw here and talk about Obama's white grandmother and her opinion of monkeys but it would all be fiction. The truth is strange enough.)

It seems odd to me that she calls fellow trustees and patriots racists and doesn't think twice about it, but the "monkey" comment causes deep reflection and self-banishment from the Democrat Convention. I'll never understand liberals!

NEWS FLASH #2! Linda has announced that she is back as an Obama delegate to the national convention. (The cynic in me says that David Plouffe made a counter-bid to James Carville's $100 a convention vote, but that would be untrue, I hope.) Jesse Jackson's Operation PUSH has been invited to enter the debate about the Carpentersville monkey case, but as Roe Conn on WLS said yesterday, there's no money in it. Jackson can't extort money from any business in this case so he won't get involved. Besides, brown on black cases always make the libs uncomfortable.

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