Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Some new ideas have surfaced on ways to improve Congress. After all, something needs to be done in Washington. Their approval rating last week was 23%.

So…a couple of ideas. First, there is a commercial on television for cellular phones. It features firefighters in the role of Congressmen, using their walkie-talkie feature phones to get things done. After passing a budget and a clean water bill in about 15 seconds, the fireman at the podium comments about how easy the job is.

The second idea comes from Mexico. As I reported earlier, some Congressmen in Mexico shut down both houses last week to protest the oil policy being discussed. I read yesterday that they are now holding session in alternate locations. They both found small auditoriums a few blocks away and began doing Mexico’s business.

It sort of gives new meaning to the term “roving crap game” doesn’t it?

So, what would happen if the U S Senate started holding sessions away from Washington? It has some real possibilities. For example, if they scheduled it right McCain, Obama, and Clinton could attend and cast their votes while still on the campaign trail.

As it stands they only show up to take shots at General Petraeus.

And a roadshow would increase the likelihood that our Congressmen would actually come in contact with constituents.

Of course, a Congress on the move would make life difficult for the lobbyists. (And the downside of that would be…?)

They really ought to look at some changes up on the Hill. It is hard to imagine they could do any worse.

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