Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The only good cougar...

Maybe you heard there was a cougar on the loose in the city of Chicago. And the animal lovers are all up in arms that the Chicago Police killed it.

I fully expect some cougar-whisperer to show up on TV and proclaim that she had reviewed the video and determined that the cougar was saying, “Don’t taze me, Bro!” in cougarese just before they shot him.

Critics are saying they should have called in Animal Control to take care of the situation. If I were Animal Control in Chicago I would have taken my sweet time getting there. These folks are OK with rottweilers and raccoons, but I don’t think they see many cougars. If only a Ute were en route…(Sorry, Point-of-the-mountain humor coming through.)

The police were amazed at the speed and agility of this cougar. They can leap 15 feet per bound. And comments from an officer in California explained that when cougars allow themselves to be seen by people it is “game over”. They weren’t exactly tracking him out in the woods somewhere; this was right in the city.

In Utah there is a lawsuit in progress because a family who lost their six-year-old son in a bear attack felt that the government didn’t do enough to prevent the attack. They knew a bear was in the area and they failed to shut down a campground.

Can you imagine “shutting down” an entire neighborhood while they dealt with this cougar? And his path appeared to be several miles long. (The experts are analyzing DNA to determine if this was the same cougar spotted in Wisconsin recently. They theorize that he was born in the Black Hills of South Dakota.) Do you shut down all of Cook County?

It is an interesting exercise to play “What if?” after an event like this. Reporters love to explore another angle to the story. In the end each of us decides if the right thing was done. I say the cops handled it well. No one was attacked; no one was hit by bullets. It was a pretty good day after all.


  1. Amen to that one! Cougar Jerkey for all!!

    -Little Wing

  2. It tastes like chicken.