Tuesday, October 2, 2007

You want ICE with that?

News from Nevada about 56 illegals arrested at 11 McDonalds restaurants in and around Reno.

There are the usual denials and the usual protests.

A franchise owner told reporters that he never knowingly hires illegals; that everyone had papers. McDonalds HQ in Oak Brook Illinois said that it was a local franchise matter. So both of those packages appear to be neatly tied up to prevent fines and penalties.

What a joke! Anyone who has tried to order food through a McDonalds drive-through can attest that these folks clearly do not have a command of the English language. That ought to be clue number one.

Speaking of which, when did merchants stop caring whether or not their employees could communicate with their customers? Why on earth do they put those people in positions where they need to talk to people? Give ‘em a mop or a spatula but don’t put them in front of a cash register. And for heaven’s sake, don’t expect them to talk over a microphone and be understood!

The other group (Latino activists and ACLU types) talk about the violated rights of the illegals and about poor family members waiting at home for them to return…and they never do.

I would just once like to sit down with those people and ask them for a better scenario for raids/deportation. Perhaps we should send them a letter (in their native language, of course) a few days before we raid the place. Would that be better?

Or maybe we should round them all up and then call their families to come in for a visit. Is that what you mean by family reunification? Maybe we could pass a law that no one gets deported unless his wife and children are deported right along with him. The choice is to stay locked up or go home as a family.

I know they are allowed phone calls and appeals. I also know that ICE inquires about children left at home alone and possible hardships when they interview the aliens soon after the raid. I think we are being sold a bill-of-goods by the activists. It is not as simple as arresting them and taking them to the border right away.

The appeals process takes months or years and rarely are they kept in custody. If they are being held without communication, they are either dangerous felons or repeat deportees.

(It suddenly dawned on me. The whole illegal alien problem is a misinterpretation. You see, in Spanish the word deportes means “sports”. So they think this deportation process is just a game. I never thought of that before. They think it’ll be fun the come here, get deported, come here again, get deported again….The one with the most deportations wins the game.)

We have allowed our government to take the rights of the accused way too far in these cases. They are non-persons in the eyes of the law to begin with. They have no status in the United States because they did not enter VIA the proper channels. We really must stop elevating them to the status of victim.

Hopefully McDonalds corporate will take this matter seriously and insist on screening employees throughout the chain. It is perfectly legal for them to screen for illegals at any time – as long as they screen 100% of their employees.


  1. the right's of the illegals....

    What rights? You're not afforded the rights of the citizens of the US because you're not a citizen? You took a chance and you lost. You have right to be fed while you're locked up and to have a cot and a toilet. What rights are being violated by someone who's violating the law?

  2. If we only knew how our system bends over backwards to make sure they are fairly treated prior to deportation. No wonder they like it here. They have more rights as a trespasser here than they do as citizens back home. You don't suppose anyone is trying to figure out why some have been deported 10 times and they still come back for more?