Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ten's a crowd

22 in a phone booth or 40 in a VW.
What fun to see how many people you can cram into a space designed for one or four!

But this is not so fun

Route 104 in New York. 4 dead and 14 injured.

Or U S Highway 191 in Utah. 8 dead and 7 injured.

Twice in a week there have been apartment fires in Orange County California. In both cases the fires exposed overcrowded living conditions.

For example, in Costa Mesa there were 9 people from 3 families living in a 2-bedroom apartment.

Then in Anaheim there were ten people from an extended family living in an apartment with seven dogs. In all, 40 people were displaced when two apartments were destroyed and two others temporarily condemned due to smoke and water damage.

It is sad to see these people milling about outside the complex, devastated because their apartments are destroyed and their cars as well (because the fire started in the carport underneath the apartments).

But long ago someone sued because code inspectors were trying to halt overcrowding. California has a law against cracking down. Landlords try to set limits but they have no legal authority to do so.

All you ACLU types who think you are protecting the underdog, take a look at what happened. Do you think you are doing anyone a favor by blocking legitimate efforts to regulate overcrowding? Imagine what our society would be like if somehow our government could stop the overcrowding nonsense.

Well, here’s living proof of the problem. Read ‘em and weep. And when we come to our senses we'll see that the most humane thing to do is to regulate housing overcrowding. Everyone will be better off.

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