Friday, October 12, 2007

Elgin forum autopsy - report #4

Moderator Richard Steele: “What kind of legal rights do undocumented immigrants (Oops! Wrong terminology. It’s illegal aliens, remember?) actually have?”

Law Professor Guadalupe Luna: “Well, you know we are a system of laws (I knew that. I didn’t think pro-illegals knew that.) and so we have again a hierarchical relationship between federal law and state law. So let me start at the top, even including international law.

“So, under international laws they’re protected. They have constitutional protections under the 14th amendment for example: Due process, substantive due process law for example, equal treatment, the right to not be treated differently. They have civil rights protection under certain state and civil rights, federal civil rights law. They have federal case law. They have statutory provisions on the federal level.

“Let’s drop down to the state level. Under Illinois we have a wonderful Illinois constitution and it doesn’t distinguish between documented or undocumented status. (I’m sure glad about that. We wouldn’t want to hinder them in any way.) Every person in Illinois notwithstanding their background are allowed civil rights.

“Then you have human rights protection under the state. So there are a lot of laws out there that do protect ‘em. Finally, they have a right to bring a cause of action for a number of reasons, whether we have a hate crime committed, anything in violation of those federal norms, those federal laws, would allow someone to come in with a private cause of action.”
---end of Luna’s answer----

She’s the lawyer; she should know. It is depressing, isn’t it? I can’t even park my car on the lawn with a For Sale sign on it. I can’t circulate an election petition in the lobby of the public library. I can’t work on my car on my own property, or park an RV next to my house, or change the footprint of my driveway.

But illegals can get away with murder – LITERALLY!

There is a case in Texas right now where a Mexican by the name of Jose Ernesto Medellin, along with his gang, raped and killed two girls, ages 14 and 16. Medellin was arrested according to U S procedures, confessed to the crimes, was convicted and sentenced to death in 1994.

Then in 2003, the Mexican government sued the United States because he was never given the chance to contact the Mexican embassy. And President Bush took the side of the Mexican government! But Mexico doesn’t have the death penalty and so we cannot execute this low-life. The U S Supreme Court is now reviewing the case from the angle of states’ rights vs. federal demands.

I suppose this is the very type of international law protection Luna was talking about. I can’t imagine any American having trouble with that, can you?

Right now we have a scoundrel hiding out in the Caribbean, being sheltered by the French after killing his doctor here in Chicago. Hans Peterson ran down to St. Martins after the murder, turned himself in to authorities, and claimed the rights of a French citizen. (France also opposes the death penalty and refuses to extradite him.)

I almost forgot. When the Mexican government filed suit to spare the life of Jose, they also named 50 other Mexican citizens on death row in the United States. And each one is being sheltered from execution. Can you imagine?

But Professor Luna is busy training more lawyers to defend the rights of non-citizens. Only in America!

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