Thursday, October 25, 2007

Just help yourself

There is something heartwarming about how people pull together in times of disaster. The evacuations out in southern California show a wonderful spirit of cooperation and concern.

But it has also been said that disasters bring out the worst in people as well. I suppose they strip away the veneer and expose the true soul.

A news report from Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego reveals that eight illegal aliens were arrested for stealing supplies.

Several illegals would back two pick up trucks and a car into the dock area, load up supplies, and drive off. They did this three times before someone questioned them. It turns out they were not authorized to remove supplies from the area. It also turns out they are not authorized to be in the United States.

As it turns out Border Patrol agents have been taken off the border and assigned to the stadium to assist with the relief effort.

The line from Border Patrol spokesman Matthew Johnson was a classic: "We're not out there doing immigration stuff in the middle of a disaster. However, we still enforce the laws." The eight were arrested for immigration violations. Four were later released, presumably to take care of other family members.

Lest you liberals think it is heartless that we are not sharing relief supplies with these people just because they are minorities, it was discovered that the illegals were SELLING the stolen supplies.

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