Tuesday, October 23, 2007

ID Theft - Kane County style

Forget everything you’ve heard from police departments, the Attorney General of Illinois, and all the politicians about how hard they are working to protect your identity. Forget anything the State’s Attorney tells you.

Forget all those claims about victims’ rights and the help they will give you when you suspect identity theft. Because when the jerk gets to court, nothing happens.

Case in point is 29 year-old Felipe Osornio (sounds Hispanic, doesn’t he?) of Carpentersville. Good old Felipe stole the Social Security number of a teenager in California and proceeded to use it to take out a $173K mortgage, get a car loan, open up credit card accounts, and get himself a cell phone.

So Felipe uses his own name and the Social Security number of this girl in California (who was only 14 when he started his escapades) to do all these financial deals. He gets caught and now he’s before the judge.

He pleads guilty. Here’s the sentence: Two years’ probation and he must notify the girl’s creditors that he used her number to establish his own loans and credit. Restitution? None, because the girl suffered no out-of-pocket expenses.

Assistant State’s Attorney Brian Mirandola was pleased with the outcome. He said, "Osornio did it basically to live, to work, to get a house and car loan. I think it's a fair disposition (of the case)." (Daily Herald 10/22/07)

I had to read that article twice because I thought it was Felipe’s defense attorney who made that statement. No! This is the guy who represents us (as in the people…U. S. citizens of Kane County) before the court!

So, in Kane County Illinois committing fraud as an illegal alien is no big deal. The prosecutor thinks probation is just fine. Don’t these people take an oath to defend the people against criminal acts? Isn’t there something about the Constitution when you are admitted to the bar?

So, Felipe is an illegal alien. Even the newspaper article talked about it. Here’s what they said: “Because he is an illegal immigrant, he could be deported because of the felony conviction. It was unclear whether authorities planned to pursue that course of action.” (Daily Herald 10/22/07)

They’re like dogs chasing a car; what happens when you catch it? They are all looking at each other…the Kane County Judge…the State’s Attorney…the County Sheriff.

In my mind I can hear them discussing the Immigration part and saying in unison: “Gee, I’ve never seen a certified illegal alien before. We’re supposed to tell him he could be deported for the felony but I don’t think he’ll be too worried since no one is getting out
the handcuffs. It’s a federal matter. That’s it. NOT MY JOB.”
Boy, do we need 287(g) in this county. And boy, do we need to stop letting these people trample all over us without even a threat of punishment.

I might add that ICE is not likely to be interested in the likes of Felipe. He’s not violent.

How pathetic our nation has become when it comes to the law.

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