Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"I'll be back." - and he is...

The Governator, as Californians call him, must be listening to the Kennedy he married. Last week he signed into law a bill that makes it verboten for landlords to ask tenants about their immigration status.

Stated in the reverse, it is perfectly legal in California to disregard federal law and harbor illegal aliens.

As we found out recently when Orange County experienced two apartment building fires, state law also forbids setting occupancy standards. (Remember, ten people and seven dogs living in one apartment?)

So, I guess landlords in California are off the hook for just about anything that happens, except maybe housing discrimination. A simple shrug of the shoulders when questioned by Immigration agents is all the response required from landlords.

I’m not sure where all of this fits with a landlord’s right to do credit/background checks on renters. I suspect this will be yet another case where illegal aliens have greater protection/privacy than citizens.

But the Gov did just veto the DREAM Act in California. Plenty of Latino activists are upset about that. In his veto message back to the state legislature, he said: “Under existing law, undocumented students, who meet required criteria, already qualify for the lower in-state tuition rate while attending California public colleges and universities.”

SB1 attempted to give illegal aliens financial aid privileges and fee waivers.

So…I guess no blood, no foul. Aahnold can tell the world he was tough on illegals and the students still go to school with the same benefits as citizens. The losers are the taxpayers who subsidize the benefit.

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