Monday, July 16, 2007

Newt on You Tube

I just saw a clip on You Tube of Newt Gingrich poking fun at Homeland Security.

His premise was that there is a world that works and one that doesn’t. The working world is FedEx and UPS where they are able to track millions of packages a day in real time. (Newt isn’t the first to use this analogy. I first read it in a book by Michelle Malkin.)

He says that you can punch in the tracking number of your package and tell where it is at all times.

In the world that doesn’t work, there are 12 million people who are here illegally and we can’t find them. Newt’s solution is to send every illegal alien a package! That way we’ll know where they are.

His second example is the ATM machine. He said he was in Germany recently, stepped up to an ATM, put in his card and his PIN, and 11 seconds later the machine was dispensing his money (at an obscene exchange rate). In the world that works, this ATM accessed Newt’s account info 5,000 miles away and gave him cash from it.

The world that doesn’t work is a case where a California judge is defending the rights of 13 illegal aliens who lost their jobs in an immigration sweep. He said one of the 13 held a fake Social Security Number that had been used 42 times before! The ATM got it right the first time; our government is still failing after 42 opportunities to correct the problem.

We’ve had some IRS/SSA problems at our house. It seems that someone else used my wife’s SSN to file taxes this year. I guess the rule with the IRS is that the first person to use the number is home free. The second person has the burden of proof, even if the second person has been using that same name and number combination for 30 years!

And there doesn’t seem to be any urgency on the part of government at the federal or local level to get to the bottom of the problem.

This indicates to me that there are so many security breeches with bogus SSNs that the government has given up control. Perhaps it is also one of the areas Bush and Chertoff have let slide because they approve of the presence of illegal aliens.

Besides, to crack down would expose the real impact of illegals in our society, and that would be bad politics. Part of Newt’s equation is the political will to attack the problem. We all know that government can be ruthless when they really want to enforce the law.


  1. I had no idea that happened to Mom. That's kind of funny. I hope that it's been resolved by now. I especially hope they catch the individual who used it and that it doesn't happen next year.

  2. Sorry, it's still unresolved. We watch her credit report closely and have it locked against unauthorized access.

    The police told her to get an earnings report from Social Security before they would even talk to her about it. That took over a month to get and the earnings for 2006 weren't even posted yet once we got it.

    The IRS won't tell us anything about who used her number and where (privacy laws, you know).

    The hidden message of law enforcement is to protect your credit history yourself and don't bother them until you can PROVE that someone has compromised your financial history.

    The other hidden message is that it is OK to use someone's SSN to get a job as long as you don't defraud a bank for a loan, etc.
    -Alien rants