Friday, July 13, 2007

Amy Jacobson

Amy is a Chicago investigative reporter. Her MO has been to get close to the people involved in a story, show her concern, and scoop a story from what they tell her. And she has been successful for eleven years using that model.

But her method backfired this week when she got a call from the family of a woman who disappeared three months ago. At the last minute Amy was invited to visit with the estranged husband and his sister poolside at his home.

So Amy runs over there in her two piece bathing suit with her two small children (ages 2 and 3) in tow. Amy is tall and blonde and in her early thirties.

Unbeknownst to Amy, a rival TV station is making a tape of her visit from the house next door. So all the world can now see Amy, her kids, and the estranged husband on tape in swimming suits.

On Monday Amy got fired. By Wednesday she was making the rounds on talk shows and giving print interviews defending herself and telling the world that she messed up but didn’t deserved to get fired.

On Thursday the police declared that the husband is “a person of interest” in the disappearance of the woman.

Remember Tony and Mirthala the other day? Well, at this point Telemundo hasn’t announced what they were going to do with Ms. Salinas, and she did a lot more with the Mayor than sit around a swimming pool talking.

Do you think this is another case of “ethnicity matter”?

(By the way, I personally think Amy got what she deserved. I think some journalists have gone way too far in their tactics and the entertainment value of the news. Maybe this will help clean up the trade.)

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