Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Legalize pot growers

I got to thinking about the sweet irony involved in the pot farm run by an illegal alien. Pres. Bush, Karl Rove, and a host of Congressmen wanted to legalize aliens last month. These politicians who are supposed to represent conservative values were telling us we ought to allow 12 million people to remain here and have their status magically changed to “legal” because:
1) They are already here
2) There are too many of them to just remove them
3) They provide us a valuable service
4) Some people have no problem with them
5) They refuse to leave anyway
6) It would be safer if they came out of the shadows

So, taking those same reasons, why don’t we legalize marijuana? Say Bush, why not? You’ve been telling us that unlawful presence is a victimless crime; Lots of people say the same thing about smoking dope.

Heck, if we did this right we could have some tax revenue. First of all, you could lay off some policemen and DEA agents (a peace dividend of sorts). The park district could lease the land to the growers. Ka-ching! We could meter their water. More $$$. We could impose a sin tax on each joint sold, just like cigarettes. And they wouldn’t have to work under the table so we’d get payroll taxes from them.

While were at it, how about gays in the forest preserves. We could put up parking meters and collect money from them when they cruise the parking lots looking for partners. We could even throw up some rental cottages so they could get comfortable in their diversions.

Once you have no problem declaring wrong as right, the possibilities are endless. And once you make it legal, you no longer need to track it as a crime statistic. Viola! Problem solved.

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