Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Brown on Brown

I’ve been taking note lately of the number of crimes committed by Hispanics against other Hispanics. They sometimes put their trust in each other and wind up used and abused.

You’ll never hear the media talking about it but it’s true. Look around at the cleaning businesses, roofing contractors and landscaping companies with Latino names. Imagine this: Lopez Landscaping gets an SBA Minority-owned Loan from Uncle Sam. Mr. Lopez is perfectly legal but he hires illegals. They speak his language. They trust him.

Lopez has an advantage over Smith Landscaping because Smith hires only legal workers and he pays them according to the tax laws. Lopez pays his workers under the table, cash money, $75 a day. Smith pays $80 a day but takes out taxes. Smith also pays FICA and other withholdings, which costs him money. So, the cost per employee to Smith is $110 a day.

So, is Lopez helping his workers, or exploiting them?

How about these cases…
Gerardo Dominguez was a plant manager for QSI, a cleaning company in Beardstown Illinois. He not only hired illegal aliens but he also provided them with fake IDs. He had an accomplice in the personnel department named Maria Del Pilar Marroquin. Now 49 illegals are in custody and Gerardo and Maria are in jail for identity theft, including Social Security numbers of U. S. Citizens.

In Ogden Utah Heber Nevarez worked for Centro de Servicios Hispanos, an agency that helps Latinos “assimilate”. It turns out that Heber was helping himself. It seems that German Rodriguez used Heber’s help in preparing his taxes and Heber used Mr. Rodriguez’s identity to get credit cards and car loans.

Another victim of the scam was Juan Jesus Lopez. Centro employees helped themselves to his financial/identity information and purchased a Hummer H2, Dodge Durango, a Ford F-350 truck.

By the way, Centro de Servicios Hispanos was never a registered business with the state, nor did it have a business license. Sweet, huh?

Talk about helping yourself, a Chevy Suburban with 14 illegals crammed inside rolled in the Utah desert in April. Eight people were killed. Some were never identified, though authorities believe they were from Guatemala. It seems the driver was helping himself, fondling a female passenger in the car, when he lost control and rolled the vehicle. Rigoberto Salas is also helping himself to the services of a Public Defender in the Utah courts. I hope he sends the taxpayers a thank you note!

You may recall the raids last December at the Swift meatpacking plants around the country. Two of the defendants charged with supplying fake IDs are Eleuterio Gutierrez and Veronica Carrillo.

And I didn’t even get to the stabbings, rapes, and murders committed in the Latino community. It kinda reminds you of a third world country sometimes. But it would be wrong for us to judge another culture, especially a non-white one. (Sigh.)

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