Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Munley's World - Part 3

We are all relieved to find out that Chief Justice Roberts did not suffer a stroke nor did they discover a brain tumor. It appears that his seizure was a result of reading Munley’s opinion on the Hazleton ordinance! He has been ordered by his physician to stop reading it.

You may recall that there was a case in Tyler Texas (Plyler v. Doe) way back in 1981 that went all the way to the U S Supreme Court. As a result all God’s children are entitled to a free public education in any U S public school. Talk about unfunded mandates! And at the hands of the Court, not the Congress.

Take your local school district’s average cost per student, multiply that by 13 (K-12), and you have the amount YOU PAY to educate one illegal alien. (Well, in most cases it is higher than the average due to bilingual ed, special ed services, low-income lunch support…)

Well, Plyler keeps on giving. Munley used it in his opinion when he said, “As Supreme Court Justice Blackmun noted: “[T]he structure of the immigration statuses makes it impossible for the State to determine which aliens are entitled to residence, and which eventally will be deported.”
Plyler, 457 U.S. at 236 (Blackmun, J., concurring). Additionally, Supreme Court Justice Lewis F. Powell stated: “Until an undocumented alien is ordered deported by the Federal Government, no State can be assured that the alien will not be found to have a federal permission to reside in the
country.” Plyler, 457 at 241 n.6 (Powell, J., concurring).” (pg. 130)

Munley tells us that even a person caught and slated for deportation is still eligible to work! He explains that the immigration laws are so convoluted that it would seem that only a handful of people in the world are qualified to explore all loopholes and pass judgment. In other words, the country is up for grabs.

He points out that Basic PILOT and SAVE, two on-going federal screening programs for employers and social service providers respectively, are inadequate and flawed. Watch for lawsuits to follow as employers and welfare departments are sued when they use the tools Washington has provided. There is no burden of proof. All you need to do now is quote Munley.

It is all so Clintonesque; you haven’t done anything wrong until the right people catch you.

I am afraid that this ruling is so broad that I can see literally millions of illegals hiding in the folds of Munley’s robes.

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