Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Things are so bad in Washington...

How bad is it?

Things are so bad in Washington that the White House is courting Roland Burris for his vote on Obamacare.

I am not making this up.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported today that Obama is sending his health czar to meet with Roland Burris and ask for his vote. Why, Obama hasn't spoken to Burris since he accepted the tainted senate seat from Blago and then lied about his contacts with the former governor.

Here's what Lynn Sweet reported today:

Sen. Roland Burris is critical of the compromise health plan Senate leaders crafted to allow states to opt out of a government-sponsored "public option" insurance plan. With Burris' vote potentially crucial, I've learned that the Obama White House will be paying attention to him for the first time today, dispatching the health "czar" to his Senate office.
The health debate -- and the need for Senate Democrats to eventually muster 60 votes to make the legislation filibuster-proof -- means that Burris' can't be taken for granted.

Sweet concludes her piece with this comment:

The cool relationship between the White House and Burris -- and Sen. Dick Durbin -- is a result of the controversy over Burris' accepting the appointment from the tainted, impeached and indicted Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Earlier this year, Durbin suggested that Burris should resign the seat.

They put on such a confident air when they appear on camera (Reid, Durbin, Pelosi, but you know they are worried when they will risk political contamination by speaking with Roland Burris.

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