Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween comes early

There's your White House Easter egg hunt and your White House turkey pardon we enjoy every year.

But Obama has called together the White House Costume Party, a bit premature for Halloween but that's OK.

No stunt according to the White House. They just happened to find 50 doctors, exactly one from each state (what an amazing coincidence), and invited them to the White House to hear the president.

They were told to wear their lab coats, but some of them didn't.

So Obama found white coats for all of them and they dutifully donned the frocks, sat down, and cheered when the "applause" sign lit up.

And, you won't believe it, but there were reporters there, and cameras.

Seriously, we'll all get vertigo from this spin. You're not selling soap, Mr. Obama. This is the most expensive government take-over yet and your cheap sell is all the more revolting.

And you MDs ought to be ashamed of yourselves to participate in this circus.

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