Friday, October 9, 2009

And the winner is...

Obama couldn't score one of these......but he did get one of these...
Now, you have to keep in mind that Obama was selected for the Nobel Peace Prize through voting that took place in early February.

It is only fair to ask what he had accomplished then.
1) He had run a successful campaign and appeared on the front page of newspapers around the world as America's first black president.
2) He had promised to close Gitmo and made all sorts of statements about the rights of terrorists in custody.
3) He had visited Germany as a candidate and was well-received.

So, things were looking good for a globalist president at that point.

In March he would send a holiday greeting to the muslims in Iran.

He would later speak to them at Cairo University and gush about their accomplishments and peace-loving nature.

And again in September he would send a special shout-out to muslims on their holiday.

And his apology tour was a hit, except here in America.

The global elite lap up stuff like this. Still, one must wonder how they feel about his performance now, nine months later. Gitmo is more complicated than he thought, Iraq is still occupied, Afghanistan is building troop strength, Iran has their finger on the button, North Korea is as angry as ever, Israel is mad because he wants to give away their land, the Poles and Czechs lost their defense shield...If the election were held today, I'm not sure he'd be the man of peace for 2009.

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