Thursday, October 1, 2009

The power of ACORN

Eight years after the ACORN embezzlement scandal first began they finally had an outside law firm give them some advice. Elizabeth Kingsley at Harmon Curran in DC wrote her initial report and alluded to the widespread lack of control at ACORN.

But her memo was written to eleven organizations that were part of ACORN. They are:
ACORN Beneficial Association
ACORN Housing Corporation
ACORN Institute
American Institute for Social Justice
Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now
Citizens Consulting, Inc.
Citizens Services Inc.
Communities Voting Together
Pennsylvania Institute for Community Affairs, Inc.
Project Vote/Voting for America, Inc.

It's all about VOTES. Low income votes. Inner city votes.

When candidates ask for a recount, they don't count everything. The candidate gets to pick certain precincts that he feels will be strong areas for him. The other side picks his precincts the same way.

Let's face it, there aren't many Obama votes in Naperville or the mansions in Lake Forest. You go downtown for the solid Obama voters.

And that's how ACORN works. They typically claim to be "non-partisan" for the tax status, but they drive for the vote in the inner cities.

(Of course, ACORN has been caught using a get-out-the-vote script that says, "Hi, my name is ____. We are hiring Outreach Workers to remind people to get out and vote for Barack Obama in the upcoming election. One of our team members spoke to you today and you signed up for our intake tomorrow. You are interested in working with us on this important election, correct? We’re hiring for people to go door to door talking to registered voters in Houston to get out the vote for Barack.” It suddenly sounds a bit partisan.)

It is the same tactic as motor-voter registration that Lawyer Obama worked on in Illinois. People who aren't motivated enough to seek out an election registrar to secure their right to vote. You must go to them.

And ACORN was very good at that, being positioned in downtown areas and having low-income clientele. You saw on the videos that the ACORN reps always told them they'd need to "join ACORN" to get services.

The trouble with such voters is that they will go to the polls for an Obama but they won't vote for sheriff or alderman. And they won't vote in the midterms. ACORN needs to be there to prod them and walk the streets or they'll stay home.

The map tells it all. Big cities went for Obama. ACORN was a major factor in delivering for Obama.


  1. Here's another prophetic legal memo:

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