Thursday, October 22, 2009

Back on the campaign trail

It's only been a month (9/21/09) since Obama was on David Letterman. Last time his numbers were sinking, but they are even worse now.

For a solid week his spread between supporters and critics has been in the double digits.

Here's the Rasmussen take at the moment:
10/22/2009 -13
10/21/2009 -13
10/20/2009 -12
10/19/2009 -10
10/18/2009 -10
10/17/2009 -10
10/16/2009 -11

Even the left-leaning CNN poll says this:
Obama's poll numbers show wear and tear
CNN 10/21/09

Poll: Fewer than half agree with President Obama on issues important to them

From Candy Crowley
CNN Senior Political Correspondent
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- As President Obama navigates his way through a series of issues as controversial as they are vital, he's getting a yellow flag from the American people.

For the first time since Obama took office, fewer than half of Americans agree with the president on issues important to them, according to a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll released Tuesday. A majority, 51 percent, disagree -- a jump of 10 percentage points since April.

Despite the majority disagreement on issues, the poll also found the president's approval rating remains in the healthy mid-50s. And two-thirds of Americans say he has the personal qualities a president should have.

"It's awfully early yet, but this president might be shaping up to be a little like Ronald Reagan, where people actually didn't often agree with Ronald Reagan's ideas, but they loved the guy," said Paul Begala, a Democratic strategist and CNN contributor.

A popular president who is less popular on the issues -- Obama could use his personal popularity to rally support for his less popular agenda.

I love the spin CNN put on it; "Wear and tear."

But they give us the strategy in a nutshell: Use your personality!

Hence, he's on the talk show circuit to boost his street cred. As long as he doesn't take any swipes at Special Olympics it just might work.

Tonight he's back on Letterman. I guess when you consider how he got elected it makes perfect sense.

As for his agenda, the wonderful analogy of lipstick on a pig comes to mind.

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