Thursday, November 6, 2008

You ain't seen nothin' yet

You are watching the formation of a perfect storm.
First, look at the news around the world regarding Obama’s victory. The American dream. Freedom. Hope. The land of equality. America is the place to live with Obama in the White House. He came from nothing and became president.

Second, Rahm Emanual, the new Chief of Staff. Like Obama, Rahm sees immigration as a good thing. His voting record indicates he is in favor of amnesty, chain migration, and lax enforcement. Obama is surrounding himself with other strong liberals.

Third, Obama himself. He favors an express lane to amnesty and has disapproved of worksite raids.

We could easily see a wave of immigration (legal and illegal) to far outpace the activity of the past decade.

And with that wave comes even less scrutiny of those who enter. There is no way they will be able to screen legal immigrants for self-support or terrorist inclinations. Surely Obama will not tolerate paperwork being held for two years while possible terrorists are vetted.

As for illegals, the past year has proved that enforcement can discourage entry. No one seriously believes that this president will conduct worksite raids or require Social Security Number screening. I think we’ll see a halt to the fence-building and increased Border Patrol as well.

By next summer I expect comprehensive immigration reform to pass, sending strong signals of “y’all come” around the world.

Assimilation is a problem now. It will be more so with an Obama who encourages us to learn Spanish in order to cope.

Conservative states will have no choice but to pass their own laws. And the feds will likely trump them as fast as they are written.

There is little good news on the immigration front as a result of this election. One can foresee a shift in the balance. Latinos may have more competition from places like Kenya and Indonesia. Judging from the world press of his victory he may very well achieve the immigration diversity he seeks. (But Mexico is king of the illegal aliens and that is not likely to change.)

If you think Obama will institute controls designed to regulate the immigration problem, think again. He is a champion of free health care, fair housing, rights of criminals, and education for all. It’s not likely he will come down hard on immigrants and illegals.

E pluribus chaos.

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