Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Did I know this? Did you?

In July a secret transfer of 500 TONS of yellow cake uranium was completed.

The journey began 12 MILES from Baghdad and ended in Canada.

Now, Obama has been cold on nuclear power. You don't suppose he was deliberately avoiding that topic in the hopes that WE wouldn't talk about this shipment?

Well, maybe not, but it says something about the Bush administration. Was he being too much of a gentleman to say, "I told you so!"? Or would this news have served to boost McCain's stand on the war just a little bit?

In any event, this news was available around the 4th of July. It got a little more play earlier this month. Has anyone called it WMD material? Well, no.

If the media talks about it at all it downplays the WMD angle and simply says that it is a good thing the material has been removed from the unstable middle east to a nation that can safely use it. And how nice it is that it was sold for millions of dollars to help the war-torn Iraqi people.

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