Monday, November 3, 2008

Beyond Dan Rather

There was a story in the paper today about network news coverage of the presidential candidates. It shows that Obama gets more good press than McCain.

George Mason University analysis of news coverage:

Newsbusters calls it like they see it:

And author Orson Scott Card talks straight to fellow journalists:

I worry about the new voters who don’t study the issues. They see the election as just another American Idol contest.

I worry about the Limited-English voters and how they will interpret the candidates. (I also worry about their citizenship and their allegiance to our country.)

I am hopeful that some of the shoe-in Democrats won’t be shoe-ins at all…The Hillary supporters who can’t stand Obama…The intellectuals who see how thin Obama really is and don’t appreciate the constant hype that is supposed to be a substitute for substance…The wealthy ones who know how costly socialism is and don’t want another round of experiments…The union man who sees him leading his brothers down the path to lower wages and fewer benefits by opening up the borders.

Most of all I worry about the lack of quality among the candidates. It is sad that between the corruption and the selection machine good people don’t/won’t enter the race. The people we have to choose from tomorrow are neither the best nor the brightest in our nation.

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