Friday, September 5, 2008

The smoke is killing me!

The EPA has announced that starting in 2011 your lawnmower will be subject to air pollution controls and standards. New lawnmowers will need to have equipment installed that will reduce emissions by 35%.

And estimates are that a new walk-behind mower will cost us 18% more than regular models.

(And your power boat is also a target of the new regs. “The rule requires a 70 percent reduction in emissions from recreational watercraft.”)

But here is the astounding fact. This new regulation will prevent “more than 300 premature deaths” each year.

Wow, such a body count!

You don’t see Washington talking about the 25 a DAY who die at the hands of illegal aliens in the United States. You don’t see anyone inviting Danielle Bologna to a congressional hearing to tell people what happened to her husband and two sons in San Francisco.

Or the Shaw family. Or Sandy Innis, the mother of Patricia Henneken.

That would be a grim reminder of the failure of the federal government.

Instead, we’ll put catalytic converters on our Lawn Boys. (Oooh, can I say “boy” or is that pejorative? Sorry if I offended anyone.)

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