Monday, September 29, 2008

It quacks me up!

I don't know which is more humorous:
1) Lame duck Bush thinking his phone calls to congressmen will get them to vote for the bailout. (What's his deal? "If you vote for this bill I promise I WON'T come out to your district and campaign for you.")
2) Nancy Pelosi made sure the GOP was against the bailout by delivering a flaming speech right be fore the vote criticizing Bush AND the party for catering to business and spending like drunken sailors. (Somebody send her a Dale Carnegie book.)

The blame game continues as we watch both parties taking campaign money from Freddie and Fanny all the while ignoring the warning alarms.

It sort of reminds me of the immigration mess...all those warnings and they expect people to trust them now.

Is this our October surprise or are we to expect another? Come election day we won't want to send any incumbents back to Washington!

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